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Everyone loves a story, but we don't necessarily like all the stories that we read or hear. If we like one story by a certain author, we may search for other stories written by that same author.

The stories written by R.Z.Halleson might not, at first, seem to have similar themes because the individual stories seem so different. Yet the themes are there. Watch for them as you read.


When three young airmen enter into a game of dominance and resistance with one another, there are consequences that will haunt each of them for the rest of their lives. Cold War tensions spill over into emotions that follow them right into the Control Tower where pilots depend on their focused and accurate instructions. What happens if the Tower is left empty?

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God's Child: The Origin of Fear

In 1940, Silje Reiersen is only four years old when a dead body is found in the hay barn of the family's Wisconsin farm. She watches as the sheriff returns again and again to speak with members of her family. Then a neighbor is killed. When the killer comes for her, how will she escape?

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Spare Them? No Profit. Remove Them? No loss.

For four years, the Communist Khmer Rouge sealed the borders of Cambodia and no one in the outside world knew what was happening in this tiny country. Chhalith Ou knew. In this autobiography, he tells how he was separated from his parents as a young teenager and forced into the traveling Khmer Rouge work groups. This is the only known account of the inner working and structure of these infamous groups, and it's a riveting tale of adaptation to survive.

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The Death Called Change

When an entire American subculture undergoes sudden change, who is there to notice if its only about old people. Halleson wrote this first novel based on her experience in the late 1970s as an admissions director in a small retirement home. In trying to keep Freden Retirement Home afloat while others around it were going bankrupt, Admissions Director Wendell Stern needed to find a creative way to save it.

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God'Child: Unravelling

Silje Reiersen returns as a teenager in this story of child snatching for profit. Coming soon. . . .